About Feed The Hungry

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Since our inception we have served over 1.5 million servings in 14 cities.

Feed the hungry was formed in 2009 at a time when America from two pieces of bread and a piece of bologna. This organization since has served over 1.5 million servings to the working poor over 14 cities in Georgia and South Carolina. Now with one of the largest holiday celebrations in the nation every year we feed over 50,000 people. Recently, Feed the Hungry has partnered with St. Joseph Candler in the opening up the Empowerment Center. A One stop shop resource center that helps people get on their feet. The focus is on sustainability. Since the Empowerment Center's Inaugural opening in 2019 we have helped over 244 people to renting to purchasing a home. We offer GED classes,continuing education, after school programs,conflict resolution, workshops and seminars. We partner with Savannah Technical College Saint Leo University, Georgia Port Authority and. Georgia Power just to name a few. We have hundreds of volunteers from businesses, organizations, churches. and schools. Together we can do more together to make a difference in the lives of the working poor.

Give Poverty An Eviction Notice